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Teaming with some of the finest cannabis industry  consultants and professionals. Trudose Brands is always striving to bring you the Highest quality cannabis products!

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Trudose Brands was established in 2020 following the vitamin E epidemic that devastated the marijuana industry. Our number one goal is to ensure consumer safety. We use the highest quality distillate, terpenes, rosins and resins; as well as hardware; to keep our customers healthy and happy. We are constantly improving our materials to ensure they are kept to the highest industry standards. This includes NO heavy metals, NO Vitamin E and NO pesticides. 

All Trudose Brands boxes contain a QR code that gives the consumer instant access to our Verification System, ensuring a safe and legitimate Trudose product. We hope you enjoy our product and as a company we will keep making improvements to stay above the curve. Enjoy your Trudose of medicine!

Trudose Brands


We use the highest quality distillate, terpenes, rosins and resins.

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- Live Resin Disposable

- Live Rosin Gummies